5 Alternative Ways for Dieting

5 Alternative Ways for Dieting

There are so many ways to lose weight, from the usual to the extreme. From the diet way that makes sense, to ways that are not expected, but it turned out to give a satisfactory result. This is the proof if you want to try.

Eat dessert at breakfast.
Some say when you're dieting, start eating breakfast with sweet foods is not recommended because it will stimulate your desire to eat more sweet foods. However, studies conducted on overweight people who have managed to lose weight, found that those who ate breakfast in bulk and put sweets in it can lose weight.
Instead, they who just have a little breakfast and no sugary foods is difficult to lose weight. This is because, sugary foods that they eat at breakfast helps them to prevent the desire to eat sweet foods the next day.

Reduce the size of the meal.
Reducing food portions to small portions may seem unsatisfactory, but this strategy most likely to succeed. The study found that reducing food portions can help trick your brain into thinking that the food you eat is a big plate that helps to feel fuller faster.

Exercise in the morning.
When you need to lose a lot of calories, try exercising in the morning. Studies at Brigham Young University examined 18 women with normal weight and 17 obese women, for two days. After they requested a speed walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes in the morning, the researchers looked at their  food choices (through the photographs of food) and the level of activity of the women’s day.
The next week, the researchers re- examine their food choices and activity, but without doing the treadmill. Apparently, both women with normal weight and obese individuals experience a slower brain response to photos of the food. Instead of tempting meals, they actually perform physical activity by exercising for 45 minutes.

Drink warm water.
Cold water may help refresh your thirst, but if you want to lose weight, then you should replace it with warm water. Recent research revealed that drinking one glass of warm water before eating a meal can help you feel fuller quickly. So, it can help you reduce the desire to eat more.

Eat more frequently.
This may seem contrary to logic, but it could be true. Eat more and more frequently can help you lose weight. Frequent eating, about five or six in a day (consisting of three main meals and snacking twice) can increase your metabolism. Consume foods rich in protein , fiber , and other nutrients rather than foods high in carbohydrates or processed materials , because it can help give you energy and keep you full without the calories that you don’t need.

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